The ten-year-experiment is complete has been a fruitful ten-year-old-experiment. We chose the term ‘experiment’ over ‘plan’ because it allowed us to play, innovate and be fluid with our ideas. We’ve been fortunate enough to have had the best two years we’ve ever had – during a bloody pandemic. We’ve learned so much. We’ve grown up with this business. And we’ve spilled our brains for wildly intelligent, thoughtful people from LA to Kuwait. So, we’re ending on a high. It is with the utmost pleasure that we announce this experiment complete.

Thank you for giving us your energy, belief and coin (there’s no mission without a margin). Thank you for challenging us and allowing us to expand. And thank you for spreading the good word right across the globe. This business wasn’t built to make money. It was built to buy freedom, and we can’t wait to see what shape it will take next.

The end. The beginning.

Team Apostrophe.

Hello, stranger.

Now you’re here, let’s start with an introduction.


Apostrophe is a copywriting collective, based in Melbourne, Australia and peppered right around the world. We’re a body of award-winning writers bound together by our curiosity, cheek and spirited way of being. The chapters of our lives enrich our work, and in turn our lives are enriched by the work we do. We love working with clients who feel the same way.

We're not here to write poetry*

That’s reserved for the weekend. At Apostrophe, we’re here to solve problems through words because we believe real change begins with thoughtful communication.


In recent times, we’ve untangled political speak for the nursing industry, helped Finnish start-ups embrace fear, and given a voice to sleepwear that’s worn on New York streets. We’ve made heroes of Black Soldier Flies. We’ve given meaning to digital currencies of the new brave, and we’ve helped make a small dent in the universe by educating people about the benefits of smaller, smarter homes. While our output is – and always will be – words, our work goes deeper than copy alone.


So, if you, like us, believe waffle(s) belong on a breakfast plate and fluff is best kept for Chow Chows, then say hello. Perhaps we’re a good fit to give you the words you’re missing.

*If it is Shakespeare you require, we'll accept whisk(e)y as payment. If the words are for a romantic conquest, you'll be expected to name your firstborn after us.

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